A Brother Born For Adversity?

For my birthday, I was given an amazing gift that made me weep because Father had been speaking a verse to me for days, and I was given a cup with that very verse written on the mug!  Not a common verse, as it was not written out in its entirety.  Proverbs 17:17 – A friend loves at all times!  That is the first half of the verse and we all love that part.  But to complete it: and a brother is born for adversity.  The Holy Spirit gave me a revelation in that verse I never saw before.  He said: a Godly friend will love you in ALL THINGS and at ALL TIMES (nothing can stop that true love).  But a brother (by flesh or by religion) may not love you, may reject you, and in fact, may cause adversity in your life!  I know this to be true of every man or woman who has ever pleased God (as Biblical history shows us a large number of brotherly betrayal).
Psalm 55:12-14 speaks to us of David’s wounds caused by his friends and family.  His great pain came from those closest to him.  David’s father forgot him when Samuel, the priest, came to anoint a son of Jessie (David’s father).  David’s own brothers mocked him when he took them food and came to support them, as his father had sent him to them; yet, they laughed at him and scolded him.  But God had called and anointed David to take down Goliath, and later to rule as King in all Israel!  I’m often reminded of David’s pain and Joseph’s rejection from his own brothers, as both men were called and anointed by God for greatness.  
Today, I want to encourage you in this: if you feel left out, despised, or rejected by friends or family, join the humble few that choose to obey God rather than please mere men.  Living with an eternal mindset will set you apart from the majority; as one walks on the narrow path, (he or she) will always need to separate the Holy from the profane.  I pray we choose to walk the highway of Holiness where only the redeemed will walk…. nothing unclean can take this path that leads to Eternal Life.
May I remind you that we must not be united with anything that defiles us before God.  True unity comes from Holiness unto the Lord!  How can any two walk together unless they agree?  Light has no fellowship with darkness, but rather exposes it.  I pray we will never compromise our purity for the sake of unity…. without holiness no one can SEE the Lord!  Oh, that pride would die… so we can SEE Him, high and lifted up as His glory fills His temple (us, those who are His)!!!  I rejoice in His great love and mercy over us today!
Written by: Pastor Belinda Hinkley